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Let me tell you about the oldest memory I have of making something patchwork/quilt related:
In school, when I was probably about 10 or 11, we had sewing classes, and we had to do this cushion with a Sunbonnet Sue on it, using fusible web and satin stitching on the machine. So I picked out my fabric and transferred the pattern onto the fusible web and ironed it onto my fabric (red and white patterns). And then I carefully placed all the bits in the correct order and place on the background and stitched it all in place. I made up the cushion and filled it (with some cotton filling, not sure that was wise, but I don't recall having a choice). After stitching it closed I remember thinking it was a little odd, that there was this crinkly sound from the image, but that was probably the way it was supposed to be, right? Wrong! I left the paper on the back of the fusible web, and had needlessly struggled to keep the bits in place while stitching.
To this day, I have the funny sounding cushion.
Is there a moral to the story? Well, think ahead in your project, even if you have instructions. Something might have been left out.
Also, I don't enjoy applique too much, but I might have to change that if I'm ever going to make a Dear Jane quilt (which I am collecting fabric for, so there...)

For now, just some pictures of quilts and projects I finished in my first year of Quilting:

Edel's quilt (my first): (1)
Edel is the daughter of some dear friends back in Denmark.
Tangokat (front)
Tangokat (back)

Mom and Dad's quilt: (2)
I made this for their "new" livingroom, since I thought they needed a bit of colour!
Stjernestøv (Stardust)
Quilting detail (centre)

Marianne's Pram Blanket: (3)
My Aunt is a child minder and when she got a new pram she asked for a small blanket for it.
What can I say? I thought if I didn't make her one, she might ask for an adult size quilt instead.
Mariannes Menageri

Placemats: (2)
Blue Log Cabin
Blue Log Cabin Closeup
Pink Log Cabin
Pink Log Cabin Closeup

Coasters: (2)
Christmas Coasters
Purple Coasters with holder

Towel with Name: (2)
Christine's Towel

This Spring/Summer I have been working on a few different things:

Viktor's quilt:
Viktor is the son of my high school friend. The quilt has fleece backing which is something I'm not longing to do again. That is stretchy stuff to quilt, but very cuddly afterwards.
Plys på Dragetur (Pooh goes Kite Flying)

Astrid's hotpads:
My friend Astrid collects stuff with elephants on it - after some years it is getting harder to find good gift for her, but I think these were just right:
Elephant hotpads

Grandma's 80th Birthday quilt:
Mormor was 80 this Summer and I organised for each of us 4 grandkids to decorate a square and made it into this little wallhanging. It turned out really nice and it was up on the wall within 48 hours!
Wall Hanging on the wall
Wall Hanging w. Grandma and Granddad

My Parents' Wall Quilt: (2)
My parents rearranged their living room shortly after I started quilting, and after receiving Stardust they asked for something to go on the wall above their new sofa.
We had some discussions back and forth, and in the end we decided to try this tessellation.
I don't think I'm going to make another quilt this size with all the same blocks again anytime soon, but it did work out well for that room.
Wallhanging on the wall
Closer up

All-American Colours:
I made this from a pattern (really!) for some Scouting friends in the US. And just because I live in the US, I don't have to give in to US spellings!
All-American Colours (front)
All-American Colours (back)

Wilderness Kid:
Another Scouting friend got lucky too. This one is my own pattern, with some blocks from books and the internet and some I drafted myself.
For those of you who are wondering: the big orange/white/green thing is a parachute canopy for shelter, not an umbrella!
Wilderness Kid (front)
Wilderness Kid (bottom left details)
Wilderness Kid (bottom right details)
Wilderness Kid (right side)
Planning the layout
Auditioning the borders and binding

Photos courtesy by:
(1) Torben Nielsen and Pernille Petersen
(2) Ole and Birgit Gottliebsen
(3) Marianne Gottliebsen

Hanne Gottliebsen
August 12th 2003